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Commissioner Mairead McGuinness, 安妮lanign, 爱尔兰企业, 丹•奥布莱恩, 首席经济学家, IIEA, IM电竞app下载 President Professor Kerstin Mey, 和狮子座克兰西, CEO 爱尔兰企业 Picture: Alan Place
Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Commissioner Mairead McGuinness visited the University of IM电竞手机版下载 campus this week to give an address at an event highlighting the opportunities for Irish SMEs in the EU’s single market.

The European Commissioner for Financial Services, Financial Stability, and the Capital Markets Union, gave a speech in IM电竞app下载 on Monday as part of 爱尔兰企业 and the Institute of 国际 and European Affairs (IIEA)’s ‘Europe is Our Future’ series which delivers insights on four high-growth sectors in the EU Single Market and the opportunities for SMEs.

The event took place in the 医学院的 on the University’s North Campus and was attended by IM电竞app下载 President Professor Kerstin Mey, 等, including 爱尔兰企业 CEO Leo Clancy.

European Commissioner Mairead McGuinness said: “There are opportunities for Irish SMEs in the EU’s single market. We are part of a market of 440 million people. And we share a common currency – the euro – with 18 other EU countries, soon to be 19 as Croatia joins the eurozone on 1 Jan, 2023.

“That means there is a lot of potential for Irish businesses to seize export opportunities - without customs checks, 关税, or differing regulations. As European Commissioner I am working with my colleagues to make the single market function as efficiently as possible, especially when it comes to capital, financing and investment, so that businesses can take full advantage.”

Speaking about the event, 爱尔兰企业 CEO Leo Clancy said: “Following the UK’s decision in 2016 to leave the EU, 爱尔兰企业 has had a strategic focus to support Irish exporters to diversify into the EU and the Eurozone in particular.

“This strategy has delivered, with exports to the Eurozone by companies supported by 爱尔兰企业 now at record levels, exceeding 6 billion in 2021, up 10% on the previous year. 在英国, the Eurozone is now the second largest export market for 爱尔兰企业 client companies.

“然而, the level of untapped opportunity is significant and presents increasing opportunities as Europe looks to bring supply chains closer to home. With a strong reputation as trusted, 创新, friendly and flexible, we are strongly encouraging Irish companies to look to Europe for their future.”

Event moderator and IIEA 首席经济学家, 丹•奥布莱恩, said: “The IIEA is delighted to be partner with 爱尔兰企业 for this event which provides a unique opportunity for Irish SMEs to hear insights from expert 爱尔兰企业 Market Advisers from across Europe and discuss potential avenues for development.”